Sunday, August 17, 2014

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The RZN Golf Balls

The RZN is Nike's latest golf ball which is boasting a revolutionary design. The ball's Speedlock core, which harnesses more energy, is said to give it a notable advantage when it comes to ball spin and distance. One of Nike's directors said of the ball... 

The Highest Ranked U.K. Golf Courses

The United Kingdom has a variety of great courses in Scotland, England, N Ireland and Wales. Golf Digest have fairly regular rankings, among which are the top 100 golf courses beyond the United States. The top 10 of their rankings is dominated by the U.K. golf courses. These are the five highest ranked Golf Digest U.K. golf courses...

Great Golf Travel Websites

There are a variety of great golf resorts in the United States and Europe. Golf resorts such as Pebble Beach Resort and Pinehurst have top-class golf courses which have hosted Major championships. As such, there are also a number of great online resources...

Poppy Hill Golf Course

Among the most anticipated golf course reopenings of the year is scheduled for 4 April. Then the newly renovated Poppy Hill golf course, at Pebble Beach, will reopen. Trent Jones returned to the golf course to give it something of a revamp...

Island Golf Holes 

You won't find many island green golf holes. However, there are a few golf courses that include holes with greens surrounded by water. These are a few of the more notable island green holes that your ball will have to land on to stay in play...

Sunday, July 27, 2014

How to Speed up Your Golf Rounds

When the sun is shining, golfers flock to golf courses. As such, queues can then emerge at the tees. If that happens during your round, you should maintain a good pace on a busy golf course to ensure that play is not held up. Here are a few suggestions.

Do not Linger on the Green

When you have holed the ball, do not linger on the green. Do not remain on the green to fill out your scorecards and put clubs back in the bag. You should put the flag back in the hole as soon as possible, and then vacate the green. Fill out the scorecard and put your club back in bag when you're at the next tee.

Searching for Balls

You must not spend any longer than five minutes searching for a ball. That's stated within the R&A book. If you can't find your ball after five minutes, drop another one to resume play. Don't search the ball at all if it lands somewhere where you probably won't be able to find it in five minutes.

Play Provisional Balls

If your tee shot might have landed the ball somewhere where you might not find it, you should play a provisional ball. A provisional ball is a second shot from off the tee. If you cannot find your original ball, you can then resume play from the position the second ball landed at. This will save you having to go back to the tee after searching for a ball. If you do find your original ball, don't include the provisional shot on your scorecard.

Don't Always Play to the Rulebook

If you're not playing in a golf tournament, don't always stick to the rulebook. For example, if your ball landed in an unplayable like, you would have to drop it two club heads back from the point it landed. However, if you drop the ball in a more convenient location, on a better lie, than two club heads back your next shot will probably come off better. That could save quite a bit of time. 

Those suggestions should speed your golf rounds up a little bit. If you're still holding up play, you might as well stand aside for the group behind to play through.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Quarry at La Quinta Golf Course Video

The Quarry at La Quinta is a golf course built on the remnants of a gravel quarry. It is set alongside the Santa Rosa Mountains, and includes plenty of untrimmed palm trees. The 7,083-yard golf course is ranked among the greatest in the USA. Check out the Quarry at La Quinta Golf Course below:

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Vice Golf Balls

Vice Golf have launched a new range of golf balls. They are the Vice Tour, Vice Drive and Vice Pro series of golf balls. These are superbly packaged golf balls with great logos, and each ball also includes a putting line on it.

For a low compression golf ball you should check out Vice Drive. This ball has been primarily designed to optimize distance. Consequently, it's a two-piece golf ball with long run/roll.

The Vice Tour is a 3-piece golf ball. It provides good distance off the tee as well as decent spin. Overall, it is a mid-range golf ball. Check out the Vice Tour video below.

The Vice Pro and Pro Neon are the same golf balls, except one is white and the other is yellow. They are three-piece, urethane covered golf balls that have great durability. The video below provides some further details about the ball.

The new Vice golf balls series shows some innovation. You can find further details at this website:

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Golf Club Selection for Chip Shots

Chips shots can be very useful shots in or around the green, or even to lay the ball up onto a better lie. Likewise, they are flexible enough not necessarily to be limited to the use of one or two clubs.

The 7-iron is a golf club that is often used for chipping. This is perhaps unsurprising, for it strikes a good balance of possessing a reasonable amount of loft; while also giving reasonable ball roll. As such, it might be ideal for for a standard chip shot onto the green from 20-30 yards.

At any rate, however, the 7-iron will not always be ideal to use. Let us say you find yourself more like 10-15 yards within the flag, or even less, without being on the green itself. Then you might find yourself parked up close to the collar but not quite on it. Consequently, a 7-iron would not be a suitable club to chip with here.

Wedge clubs, like the sand wedge, are best to use under such circumstances. They have greater loft and minimize roll to ensure the ball will not go so far and will stop on the green fairly swiftly. At any rate, you could even just try putting the ball onto the green if the fairway is reasonably smooth. A long putt from 10-15 yards out will travel along the ground throughout, and could be just as effective.

To chip the ball onto a green from slightly longer distance, consider using a longer iron. Let us say you are about 30-35 yards from the flag. A 6-iron will provide a good deal more roll towards the flag stick than a pitching wedge, and the chip will have less loft and greater accuracy. Ultimately, that roll of the ball is what will give the distance. Remember that you can probably chip a ball anywhere between 50 -70  yards on a golf course.

Chipping out of longer grass will require shorter club selection. This is because you will need their loft to be able to chip through the longer grass. As such, the wedges can be the most effective clubs to use when in longer grass around the fairways and greens. A 9-iron might also give you enough loft to make a chip out of the rough.

A wet or dry golf course might also require different use of clubs. On wet grass the ball will not roll as far, and so you might want to pick a slightly lower iron than usual. In dryer conditions it will roll further, and so moving up to a higher iron will reduce that.

Ultimately, there is some flexibility for club selection with the chip shot. Do not to limit yourself to just one or two clubs for chip shots, and take distance and conditions into account when on the course.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Oak Hill (East) Golf Course Video

Oak Hill's East is ranked among the top golf courses in the USA. This is a golf course that expands 7,145 yards. It has hosted myriad golf championships such as the U.S. Open, PGA Championship and Ryder Cup. This video gives you an overview of the golf course's 18 holes.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Golf Courses That Have Hosted the Most Major Championships

Whilst there are a variety of championships included on the PGA Tour, it's the Majors which are the most famous in the sport. The Augusta Masters, the U.S. Open, U.K. Open and the PGA Championship are perhaps the most exciting championships on the PGA Tour. They are played at some fantastic golf courses and settings. A variety of golf courses have been selected for the Majors, and there are a few which have been venues in a number of seasons.

Augusta National

The Augusta National course has been the venue for more Major championships than any other, quite simply because it has its very own. The Master's championship is the one Major that is played at a single venue (although the Players Championship, at TPC Sawgrass, is a close second). Each April the invitation golf championship invites the top ranked players from the PGA Tour to play in the Masters at Augusta.

The course is probably the most famous in the sport. With its pristine greens and fairways it has green keepers that can cut grass down to bowling greens. Each hole has a variety of shrubs and flowers such as tea olives, magnolias, camellias, junipers, hollies and yellow jasmines. As Augusta has a substantial maintenance budget it is usually ranked among the top golf courses in the United States.

As one of the foremost championship courses in golf it has some famous holes. Among the more notable are the 12th Golden Bell hole in which Rae's Creek separates the tee from the green. The 16th Redbud hole, a 170 yard par-3, also has a small lake in front of the green. It is a course with some great holes and landscapes.

Old Course at St Andrews

The Old Course at St Andrews, in Scotland, is another of the household name golf courses. It's the home of golf, and a course of considerable championship pedigree. This is one that has hosted 28 U.K. Open golf championships, which is a record number. Here Nicklaus, Woods and co have all been crowned Open champions.

The golf course itself now covers some 7,305 yards. It has approximately 112 greenside and fairway bunkers scattered along its holes. In addition to this, the course is also notable for its huge double greens which effectively combine two greens into one for a number of its holes.

It has a few famous holes such as the 17th Road Hole. This is a long par 4 that stretches some 495 yards, so it could be a short par 5. It includes the deep Road Hole bunker along its fairway. At is back green tarmac roadways and stone walls are both included within the hole. As a public course you can play this hole, and the others, at St Andrews.

Oakmont Country Club

Located at the rolling hills outside Pittsburgh is the Oakmont Country Club. This is one of Americas more historic courses that has been a regular venue for Major golf championship. Oakmont has hosted more Major golf championships than any other in the United States, except Augusta which is seasonal venue. Overall, it has played host to a record nine U.S. Opens, and an additional three PGA Championships. Furthermore, as it has been selected for another Open, a 10th will be played at the course.

As such, when it comes to championship golf few can match Oakmont. Its 18 holes cover approximately 7,255 yards. The course is notable for its slick and undulating greens. It also has more than 200 yards over its 18 holes, which is somewhat more than the Old Course. The most famous of its bunkers is that of the Church Pew bunker, which has transverging grass ridges, and comes into play on the third and fourth holes.

Among its famous holes is that of the 18th finisher. This is a classic final hole that extends some 484 yards. The hole has a tree-lined fairway and a multitude of bunkers scattered along it. It provides a suitable finale to any golfing championship.

Southern Hills Country Club

Southern Hills Country Club includes the Front Nine/Back Nine course. This is another of the United State's foremost championship courses located in Southern Hills, Tulsa. It has played host to a record four PGA Championships, and three U.S. Opens.

This golf course now extends 7,131 yards. It is a course that has a heated climate, and a tree-lined layout. That course also includes notable elevation changes between tees and fairways. Among its holes it has a 653 yard par-5 hole which eclipses most of the holes on the PGA Tour for distance.

Those are the courses that have hosted the most Majors. As regular venues for the Tour some gripping championships have been played on them. And there will be plenty more exciting Majors played at the legendary golf courses.